A Pattern for Progress
2019 University of Cambridge, Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre, Cambridge, UK

A Pattern for Progress, brings together people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and their carers, with scientists researching this neurological disease at the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre. Through ceramic workshops these individuals were invited to design and produce ceramic tiles that reflected their different experiences of the condition, and over four weeks the group were able to spend time with each other, learning and sharing. The resulting tiles document this process of dialogue and exchange and convey the complex mix of experiences and knowledge invested in improving the situation of people living with MS.

The participants tiles were then formed in to a repeating wallpaper pattern and installed within the Jeffrey Cheah Biomedical Centre at Addenbrooke's Hospital, alongside a film documenting the workshops and final group discussion.

With thanks to, and support from, the MS Society