Between Here and There

The Mosaic Rooms in collaboration with Kensington Aldridge Academy

In The Mosaic Rooms’ first collaborative residency, students from Kensington Aldridge Academy and critically acclaimed artist Harold Offeh, worked together to explore ideas of place and belonging through mapping, recording and moving within their own spaces both inside and around their school and The Mosaic Rooms gallery.

The project is inspired by DAAR – Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti’s exhibition Stateless Heritage which was shown at The Mosaic Rooms from October 2021 - January 2022. The exhibition looked at the Dheisheh refugee camp in Palestine, and the villages refugees were originally forced to leave and what those places look like now. It questioned ideas of heritage and what history we value and included images of the refugee camp which the group found inspiring. Following a visit to the exhibition and a collective walk around the Earl’s Court area, students worked together to collect and draw connections between images, sculptures, sounds, words, and emotional responses to these places.