Bluecoat Commission

Bluecoat, Liverpool, UK

Bluecoat is a visual arts worksite, with a working community of artists/creative practitioners. Three artists were chosen to create site-specific artworks which now feature prominently in Bluecoat's newly renovated Hub. Harold Offeh created a space for children and families using shades of blue, including a blue filter across the window with shelves of children’s books and activity boards to occupy the kids.

"We really want visitors to experience artworks the minute they step into Bluecoat. The commissions offer an encounter with art beyond the gallery, in places that we might not normally expect to see artworks. We selected artists that offer something beautiful, thought-provoking and welcoming to our visitors. Each artist brings something unique to our new interior, but each share our ambition to bring people closer to art and artists."
– Adam Lewis-Smythe, Bluecoat Senior Curator