Boundary Encounters

Modern Art Oxford, UK

Come together for this summer collaboration with artists and communities, featuring new commissions, residencies and live events.

Modern Art Oxford invites you to relax, reflect and take part as we open our gallery spaces up for exploration and participation.
Immerse yourself in pools of coloured light within Harold Offeh’s pavilion. Listen and touch sonic sculptures emitting sounds linked to Modern Art Oxford’s past created by Julie Freeman. Watch, explore and get creative in Valerie Asiimwe Amani’s space of care using poetic prompts. Reminisce about our collective story so far through a new commission by Deborah Pill and an archive exploring our history of working with local communities and partners. Share in our future by exploring prototypes of exciting upcoming improvements to the gallery building and spaces. Capture moments of connection, exchange and community through a new participatory digital drawing project.

Connecting multiple perspectives, histories and wide-ranging areas of interest, Boundary Encounters celebrates visitors, staff and artists alike as participants in a continuous exchange.

Photos by Oxford Atelier. Boundary Encounters installation view, 2023. Copyright Modern Art Oxford.


Ask an Artist: Harold Offeh