‘Hairography’ looks at the fetishization of hair and particularly European hair in popular culture. Addressing the marketing of hair through advertising campaigns, 'Hairography' places an emphasis on the language of hair marketing and the material qualities of traits such as “shine”, “bounce” and “swish” in selling European hair.

The series encompasses photographic works, performances, video montages and a series of live events featuring artists contributions and music. In the series of live works Offeh re-creates adverts and tries to embody the material qualities. Hairography is often performed in the context of festivals and clubs nights.

‘Hairography: The Natural Truth’, interplays Black hair care and styling product TV adverts from the 1970s. Utilising repetition and humour the film recalls titles like ‘Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman’ by Dara Birnbaum in its lo-fi medium specificity and high-minded critique of consumerist ideologies.

(Images 1-6) – Hairography, 2012

(Video + Images 7-8) – Hairography: The Natural Truth, 2012

(Images 9-10) – FLAM VIII (Forum of Live Art Amsterdam), Amsterdam, NL, 2019

(Images 11-13) – Hairography Live, Knickerbocker Club night, London, UK, 2016

(Videos + Image 14) – Hairography Live, At Home with the Ludskis, London, UK, 2014