Keep it Up Keep it Up

Keep it Up Keep it Up was produced for the international touring project ‘Boîte-en-Valise’. Taking its name from Duchamp’s work in which small versions of his well-known artworks are transported and displayed in a suitcase, artists were asked to transport the work they created in an ordinary suitcase to the site, unpack and install. The suitcase contained all that the artists needed for production, they had to work with materials transported within the suitcase or sourced from the environments around them.

The project toured from Portsmouth, UK, to Venice, Italy, to Syracuse, USA.

In Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, the artists worked with different individuals and social groups in an around the city. Ideas generated from this first interation of the project were developed futher in a pop-up exhibition during the preview week of the 57th International Art Exhibition in Venice. From there the artists’ work continued to develop through engagement with targeted individuals or groups in Syracuse. The final interation of the project ‘Boîte-en-Valise: Generator’, exhibited at Point of Contact Gallery, Syracuse, focused on the artists socially engaged practices, and presented works produced through the collaborations, workshops, seminars and/or public interactions of the project.

Artists : Yvonne Buchanan, Mia Delve, Tom Hall, Mika Mollenkopf, Harold Offeh, Susan Stockwell & Abisay Puentes

Curators : Joanne Bushnell, Stephanie James and Mark Sega