Live Art Salon
2012-2013 Tate Modern, London, UK

A Collaboration between the artist Harold Offeh, artist educators Nicky Field, Becky Heaton and Henry Ward, and students from Welling School: Ben Campbell, Jessica Comber, Holly Gibson, Charlotte Singleton and Jessica To; developed with the Schools and Teachers team, Tate Learning.

The Birthday Party, A live Art Salon staged on 9 March 2012 used the format of a birthday party as a catalyst for conversations. The event saw the group transform a Tate Learning space into the site of Nicky Field's birthday party. Throughout the event members of the group dressed in bow ties and white shirts and presented Nicky with gifts. These gifts, especially chosen by each individual in the group, were used as starting points for the discussions, and were presented as a small display, documenting the project thus far. Tate visitors were invited to witness, participate and contribute to the project.