Selfie Choreography

‘Selfie Choreography’ playfully explores the potential of the body, actions and gestures as recorded through cameras, exploring how actions and movements can be developed for and mediated by the device that has become an extension of the human body.. Drawing on histories of video art, performance and dance, ‘Selfie Choreography’ explores links between movement and live recording, allowing for speculative and playful forms of choreography and performance.

(Images 1-7) – Workshop presented for East Side Projects, Birmingham, UK 2020. Photos: Ashley Carr

(Video + Images 8-11) – Performance presented for Faculty of Action Performance at Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden 2019

(Images 12-20) – Workshop presented for Lost Senses at Guest Projects, London, UK 2017. Photos by Holly Revell from DARC collective (