Selfies with My Postcards
2019 TinType Gallery, London, UK

Digital print, Edition of 3 +1 exhibition print, 15 x 63cm

Commissioned for Tintype galleries exhibition '1d for Abroad', 'Selfies with My Postcards' documents performative gestures and expressions made in response to postcards from Offeh's own collection. The commission enabled Offeh to revisit the index of images he has collected, and with the insertion of his own response, open up a conversation with the original material.

1d for Abroad was one of four linked postcard shows in London Spring 2019; The World Exists To Be Put On A Postcard: artists' postcards from 1960 to now at the British Museum; Jeremy Cooper and kennardphillipp at Danielle Arnaud Gallery; and Political Postcards of the 1980s and 1990s at Bookartbookshop.