Services Rendered
2009 David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK

A series of clandestine performances commissioned for David Roberts Art Foundation exhibition, 'At Your Service' curated by Cylena Simonds. The exhibition engaged the concept and dynamics of the service industries in today's political and social climates.

'Toilet Attendant', staged within Tate Modern, saw Offeh took on the role of a cleaner in the men's toilets, tweaking the role by performing it in the manner of an attendant at a nightclub or expensive restaurant. Offering cologne or hand lotion, Offeh disrupted the familiar way in which the public might usually encounter a bathroom attendant within the museum setting.

‘Doorman’ found him standing as a bouncer at the gallery entrance of David Roberts Foundation. Offeh calculated that, given the average wage for an inexperienced doorman and toilet attendant (£10 and £7.45 per hour), he would need to work 36/38 hours at the gallery and 16 hours at Tate Modern to earn his £500 commission fee.

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