Snap like a Diva

‘Snap Like a Diva’ explores the glamourous world of snapping or clicking. Snapping is the process of clicking your fingers together in an ostentatious and often overtly attention seeking manner. Snapping is derived from the Black American gay sub-cultures of the 80s and 90s and consists of series of grand movements that allows participants to communicate and attain diva status. Documentaries like Tongues United and Paris is Burning have exposed this culture to a wider audience, leading to the Vogueing dance craze of the 90s.

Through workshops Offeh, along with collaborator Steve Nice, offer’s participants of all abilities an opportunity to learn about the history of snapping. Through a practical session participants can acquire the basic skills to communicate and perform fabulous and expressive moves. These workshops often end with a grand snap diva contest where participants will battle for the honour of being Grand Snap Diva.