Translating the Street
2016 Alternator Studio, Merseyside, UK

Harold Offeh & Christine Lucas (All Nations 4 Hair)
All Nations
Curated by Brigitte Jurack

Alternator Studio sits at the junction with Oxton Road, a local shopping street that has seen better days but has some strong independent businesses. Brigitte Jurack invited 3 International artists to translate the stories of the street, build bridges and make visible the hitherto hidden histories of the shop owners. Translating the street welcomed artists Harold Offeh, Haleh Jamali and Jeff Young to live and work in Birkenhead and to listen to the stories unfolding in three iconic businesses. The other project were by Haleh Jamali & Karim Azare and Kazem Kohnechi (K&K Fresh Vegetables and Fruits) Jeff Young, Martin Heslop & Frank Cavanagh (Frank Cavanagh Shoe Repairs)

Founded by Brigitte Jurack in 2012, Alternator Studio is located in The Old Bakery at 57-59 Balls Road East, Birkenhead, Merseyside, UK.

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