Two Positions
2016 KV–TV, Norway

Commissioned for Kunst Vardo TV ‘Two Positions’ is a performative response to a found image, a still taken from a performance of the Renga Moi, a play by the Ugandan playwright Robert Serumaga. The piece sees Offeh re-perform 2 out of 3 positions in different locations in Cambridge, UK. The original image was taken from a catalogue of works presented at the 9th Festival of Arts Shiraz-Persepolis, Iran in 1975 that Offeh encountered at the Whitechapel Gallery. Initially unaware of the the original narrative and context of the play, Offeh wanted to explore the potency of the images through this series of performed actions.

The image from Serumaga’s performance provides a starting point for a playful and embodied response. Offeh’s body re-contextualises the positions from the original image as he places himself in relation to the architecture and landscape.